Fake Prom is just like the high school tradition, but totally fake! And what better way to spend Valentine's Day? Whether you come with a group of friends, are single and lookin' to mingle (more about that below...) or make Fake Prom a fun Valentine's Date Night, get ready for a tacky-good time. There are no rules, so dress in whatever prom-era you'd like! Fake Prom 2 will be held at the brand-new, and totally awesome, The Unique Space. Check out the video from last year's bash!

As always, the team here at Unique LA know how to throw a killer party. Fake Prom 2 includes:

  • Pics at our infamous 'awkward prom portrait' photo booth!
  • Free drinks at our bar featuring delish cocktails and beer, plus loads of non-alcoholic
    refreshments by Purity OrganicZevia and GT's Kombucha
  • An exclusive COOLHAUS Sundae Bar with all the fixins! (yummmmmm!)
  • A Snack Station with Pretzel Crisps and Luna Bars 
  • Our promtastic DIY Den where you can make a fab corsage & boutineer with the Academy of Handmade 
  • Epic DJs and action on the dance floor!

Are You Single?! Our single Fake Prom goers will each get a paper heart to pin onto your outfit, with your name on it, so you can easily spot other single people at the party. How fun is that?! 

Get ready to get downLast year's Fake Prom event sold out within a few days, so hurry and buy your tickets today. Whether you come dressed in 1950′s, 1980′s, suave modern-day black-tie, or jeans and a t-shirt, we look forward to seeing you Friday night. Save a slow dance for us? :)